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Where America’s Day Begins: 6 Things to Do in Guam

Guam is one of America’s tiniest and easternmost territories. It’s home to a rich culture and a long history of colonization. Captured and unfortunately exploited by many groups in the past, the Chamorro culture and tradition has thankfully stood strong for almost 4,000 years.

Guam is a hidden treasure. It may not be well known or on the top of the bucket list for many Americans, but only a three hour flight from Korea or Japan, it’s a wonderful place to visit for a few days. Here’s some of the things I was able to enjoy at Guam, and hopefully these pictures and places will inspire you to make a journey there as well!

1. Visit Two Lover’s Point

Two lovers point remains a symbol of eternal love – a love in which two souls are forever entwined in death and life. Come to this monument to learn and honor a forbidden love story between two Chamorro natives.

Price: $$$$ (Entrance fee: $3)

Love Locks at Two Lover's Point
Love Locks at Two Lover’s Point
Statue at Two Lover's Point
Statue of Two Lovers


2. Watch Professional Chammoro Dancers

Visit the Taotao Tasi BBQ Dinner Show located right on the beach in Tumon. Indulge in an all-you-can-eat Chamorro BBQ while watching a live performance. Enjoy some fresh roasted pig, ribs, rice, corn, sausage, and salad while you watch the history of the Chamorro people and culture unfold before your eyes. Be ready to be amazed and have some fun with the performers as well. Your total cost for the dinner and show will be around ~$80. I recommend arriving a bit early, as the buffet will quickly get swarmed later on.

Vegetarian options are also available!

Price: $$$$

Taotao Tasi Dinner Show Stage
Performance Stage
Chamorro BBQ Dinner Show Meal
Chamorro BBQ

3. Go Dolphin Watching and Snorkling

One of my favorite things to do here was to go dolphin watching and snorkling. Because I stayed with a local friend, she had connections to a Korean tour group. Unfortunately the tour was in Korean, but the tour guide and boat workers were local English speakers. After sailing out into the ocean and watching dolphins swim alongside us, we were fed fresh sashimi. After our meal, we were provided snorkling gear and were able to go out and see so many tropical fish. If you’re not much of a snorkler, they had fishing gear available as well. You won’t be able to keep the fish, but the guides will take your picture with the fish.

Price: ?

Snorkeling in Guam
Snorkeling in the Ocean
Boat Tour in Guam
Another Boat Tour

4. Eat Chammoro Style Hamburgers

If you’re looking for some great beef and fish burgers. Meskla Dos is your place. The shrimp burger was one of the best burgers I have ever had. So give this a shot!

Price: $$$$

Best Burgers in Guam
Rancheru Burger and Shrimp Burger

5. Taste Chammoro Chip Cookies

At any main department stores around the main city area, you’ll see tons of Chamorro Chip Cookies. These crisp, buttery chocolate chips are easy, cheap souvenirs to bring home. Drive to Kmart to save some pennies if buying in bulk.

Chocolate Chip Cookies Guam
Chamorro Chip Cookies

6. Drive Around Guam

Guam has some beautiful scenery. So go ahead and just rent a car, and drive around and discover some tropical scenery around the island. There’s places for you to pull over to enjoy the scenery and explore local historical sites. In total, you can expect to drive around the island for 2 hours.

Park in Guam
Local Park
Half Flowers
Half Flowers
Blue Starfish
Blue Starfish Spotted
Ocean View of Guam
View of the Ocean


Thanks for taking the time to read this article. If you liked this article let me know! If you have any other suggestions for me or for other travelers please comment below!

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