Baskin Robbin's Star Ice Cream Cake

Cute Ice Cream Cakes in Korea

I just wanted to take a moment to appreciate the art and craftsmanship that goes in ice cream takes at Korean Baskin Robbins. When I went to Seoul last year, at Seoul Station I noticed there was a Baskin Robbins. The American inside of me, really wanted to check it out and see what was up. I ended up finding the cutest cakes!

Korean Baskin Robbins
Cute Ice Cream Cakes

Just take a look at those cakes! There’s Ryan from Line Friends and some Yakult themed cake. I don’t understand Korean, but if that Yakult cake had a Yakult ice cream flavor that would have been really interesting to try.

Because it was my friend’s birthday at the time. We opted for the cheaper option.

Baskin Robbin's Star Ice Cream Cake
Happy Birthday!

This cute little ice cream cake came with different flavors and was topped with marshmallows. It cost us around $12 dollars. They even packed it for us so nicely! It was neatly packaged in its own personal Styrofoam chest with a dry ice package to ensure a safe journey home.

Hope you enjoyed this quick blog post! Have you seen any other cute ice cream cakes like this? Let me know!

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