Rolled Ice Cream at Dahlicious Creamery

About a few months ago, rolled ice cream was the latest and greatest thing around the country and on YouTube. To this day there’s someone making crazy rolled ice cream combinations on YouTube of Red Bull, Monster, and even McDonald’s french fries! I’ve been a fan of rolled ice cream and have visited Dahlicious many times to try to get a taste of each kind they have.

Dahlicious has some unique and great flavor combinations to offer. Here is just a few: No Sorrow Taro, Cookie Monster, Galaxy Ice Cream Sandwich and more. Every time I go back the menu changes and evolves. It continually becomes better and better. Some of these pictures may be older or unavailable, but they show the hard work and thought behind some of these flavor combinations and designs. This is a must try for every fan of ice cream.

green tea rolled ice cream and taro rolled ice creamcinammon toast crunch ice cream

Dairy free options are also available. If you have any updated recipes or any other ice cream places to suggest please leave a comment below and like this post! Thanks again for reading!

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