Best Hot Dogs in Reykjavik

The Best Hot Dogs in Reykjavik

Back in 2017, I took a trip with my college friends to Iceland. Us being poor college kids and Iceland having some pretty pricey food, it was natural for us to gravitate towards some cheaper quick bites. So to satisfy our taste buds and save our wallets, we found this must go to hot dog place.

Little did I know was that this hot dog place is very well known to locals and tourists. It’s the best hot dog in town. Literally, the name “Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur” means the best hot dogs in town. So we made our way to the harbor on a cold March morning to satisfy our stomachs.

When we got there, it was quite a little stand with a very long line. But don’t worry, the line goes by fairly quickly. Usually the surge is due to tour groups dropping by and all of them swarming the stand at once. Even if you do have to wait a few minutes in the cold to get this hot dog, trust me it will be worth it.

This hot dog, was by far one of the best hot dogs I’ve ever had. Something about the combination of a lamb-based meat, sweet mustard, ketchup, raw onions, fried onions, and remolaði, a mayonnaise-based sauce with sweet relish) resonated with me.


From the picture, yes it might seem seem a little plain, but the real magic is the structure and thought behind the pylsa (hot dog). The order of the ingredients created a perfect texture in each bite. The dog itself had a perfect snap. Every bite, I didn’t find it necessary to push the dog back and re-position it in its bread. Everything was harmonious. By far, my favorite pieces were the mayonnaise and lamb combination. It is truly something unique to Icelandic hotdogs. I loved it so much, I got one more, and was close to getting a third.

I highly suggest coming here in your travels. It was a great experience, and you get to save money! As either a college student, someone still paying off those loans, or just a budget traveler, it’s a great place to taste authentic Iceland without emptying your wallet.

To visit here is the exact location:

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